17 July 2009

Tonight's Match

I just found out from the club staff that the team is leaving right about... now. The bus trip to the airport, then flight, then travel from the airport to Tokushima's stadium will mean potential arrival between 5-6 PM even with delays.

It's common for teams to arrive in a city the day before a match and return afterward, but Tokushima's airport will not be able to offer a return flight tonight. The team will take an early flight tomorrow.

I don't know if same day air travel is any more or less stressful than same day bus travel, but this might not be a good development. Combined with forward Takasaki's missing of this match due to accumulated yellow cards, tonight might be more difficult than what was hoped.

Forward Takasaki won't be making the trip to Tokushima, but will be on Mito's Radio Parurun in about two hours and may appear at tonight's public viewing at Hitachinaka city's Fashion Cruise.

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