14 July 2009

Mito 0 - 0 Yokohama

After a good run of results, with 4 wins, a loss, and a draw in 6 games, Mito gets another draw but an incredibly disappointing one. Yokohama was the bottom team in the standings (now ahead of Okayama with the draw point) and had a player sent off in the last play of the first half. Mito's charges never resulted in goals despite great chances as Yokohama truly put all efforts into defense and their keeper had a great game. Contrarily Mito's defense went largely unused aside from Yokohama's greater-than-average number of corner kicks. Goalkeeper Honma had no difficult shots to save.

The score is a testament to Yokohama's incredible defense on Sunday, not to any weakness on Mito's side. There is nobody to blame for Mito's lack of a win; Yokohama put 10 players into pure protection mode at all times and played for the scoreless draw.

I couldn't make it to Yokohama so I decided to try out a public viewing at a nearby outlet shopping center fairly famous in the Kanto area. Even with a good crowd going to Yokohama there were easily over a hundred in the food court eating cheap ramen and drinking expensive mixed juices. Incidentally there were many JEF United Chiba and Kashima Antlers fans in attendance as those teams had a Satellite League match the same afternoon in the stadium a few minutes away. They all seemed to cheer for Mito as well. It was a good environment with cheering and applause that seemed to freak out the part time food court staff. A good experience even if the two TVs were smaller than my own... That combined with the ability to be in bed in pajamas and to scream obscenities when needed helped me decided that I enjoy being in a solitary environment if not all out at the stadium. :)

The next match is away in Tokushima on Friday night for some reason. Realistically no chance to be in 5th with a win there as Tokyo's goal difference is pretty strong, but being back in the top third is still a good possibility.

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