20 July 2009

Mito 2 - 0 Tokushima

Tokushima joins Fukuoka and Okayama as a team Mito is one win away from sweeping this year. Tokushima held off Mito's attack well in the first half but in the middle of the second, a nice cross from Ozawa was perfectly placed into the far corner of the goal by Yoshihara. A bit later midfielder Kikuoka was brought down in the penalty area, and he converted the penalty kick to secure the win.

Mito has not allowed a goal in the last four matches, and has only lost one out of the last eight matches, all without forward Arata. Mito is still in 7th due to good results from Tokyo and Tosu, but poor results from the top four teams mean Mito is very close to the promotion spots along with those two teams. Tokushima leads the chasing group below which is now getting left behind a bit. If matches on Wednesday fall the right way, we may find a full shift from having four top teams to having seven top teams fighting for promotion.

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