20 July 2009

Practice vs. Chuo University, Arata's Recovery

Chuo University's top team came to town on Saturday to play against Mito's reserves, B-team, and recovering injured. I could only stay for a half hour so I don't know the result other than that I saw the University side score. I just wanted to see how Arata is doing since he started athletic rehabilitation. He didn't play in the match but was jogging and dribbling on the sideline. He said that he's been going all-out in team practices and he will likely return for the Tochigi SC game on August 1st. If he can shake off the rust in that one he'll be very much needed in the next match at Shonan. Mito lost by 4 goals in their last match after his fresh injury. If Mito can pull that one off and it also happens to be the team's fifth win in a row, you can expect top 3 placement.

1 comment:

richy said...

Great to see Arata back and scoring against Ehime! Really is an amazing player isnt he?!

Anyway, your teams going great, but forget about Shonan for the meantime... Tosu is the team to beat at the moment. Defense is going to have to be super tight to hold old Mike out. I think a draw is definitely manageable for Mito, but if the team really wants that top 3 spot, a win is a must! Good luck. Should be a cracker game!