13 August 2008

Exhibition Match: Mito 4 - 3 Takushoku University

I went to see today's training match at Twin Field's artificial half today against Yuu Kobayashi's current school, Takushoku University. Mito played the reserve squad for the first half, scoring three goals and keeping the school scoreless. The second half saw some experimentation, and Takushoku scored three to Mito's one. The school plays a good team, even without Kobayashi, and I expect that they will finish highly in the college league.

Mito's goals were taken by Chong-Jin Park, Kobayashi, Takahashi, and Nishino.

Last year's season goal leaders both played. Nishino is almost back from injury, and Shiozawa was played for the first time as a center back defender. He did very well there, with his height, speed, and clearing power. I have been thinking it was a shame for him to go to waste with Arata at his former position, and luckily it seems the coaches think so too.

After the match I walked back to the parking lot with captain Hiramatsu, Arata, and Chu-Ho Park. They have a very friendly relationship, and it's good to see the anchors of the three field positions close off the field as they are on it.

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