21 July 2008

Satellite League: Mito 2 - 2 Kashima

I took the short drive to Twin Fields to watch the Mito reserve players take on Kashima's. I feel bad for the owners of PC Depot, Toys R Us, Red Lobster, and Marukuni Sushi. The derby exhibition brought the small stand to overflowing and many more watching outside the fence, with cars illegally parked everywhere within walking distance. Easily over 1000 watched the match at a community field meant to hold less than that.

Both teams scored a point in each half. For Mito, Nakamura (using this match as a chance to try playing as a midfielder) scored the first goal. Midfielder Mori scored in the second half with a great free kick. It would be Kashima to tie it up twice.

Kashima is top of the J. League and its second team is a good one. Mito's isn't too shabby in that department and with the draw moved to the top of the standings in the Satellite League group C. The current table:

1) Mito
2) FC Tokyo
3) Urawa
4) Kashima
5) Kusatsu

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