23 July 2008

Jong-Jin Park to Mito HollyHock

Korean midfielder Jong-Jin Park has been signed to Mito on loan from J1's JEF United Ichihara Chiba. He's played for them on the top team in 2007 and for the JFL side JEF Reserves for the first half of 2008.

Park, along with his namesake and new Mito teammate Chu-Ho Park, has been a member of the Korean youth national team for several years.

Interestingly this makes four non-Japanese players for Mito, and the J. League has a limit of three non-Japanese professional players for a side. Perhaps Brazilian Bruno, who has yet to appear for the team, will not be with the club anymore or has been asked to take an amateur contract.

His comment: 「1年半私を育てて下さったジェフ千葉に感謝すると共に、新しいチャンスを下さった水戸ホーリーホックに感謝します。ホーリーホックの一員としてJ2での上位進出のために自分の持てる限りの力を出し尽くしてチームの勝利に貢献したいと思います。」("Along with the appreciation for Chiba who raised me for the last year and a half, I appreciate Mito for this new chance. As a HollyHock member I'll show my strengths to add contributions to the team's wins and rise in the J2 ranks.")

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