23 July 2008

Hironori Ishikawa to Mito HollyHock

Current student and soccer player for Ryutsu Keizai University in the JFL, Hironori Ishikawa joins Mito as a special squad member in coordination with the JFA in the same vein as Yuu Kobayashi did last week. He's a defender, and I've actually seen him play several times at Ryugasaki against Tochigi, Gifu, and Tottori. I was impressed enough to remember his name and knew he would eventually be a pro player... I guess faster than I thought previously.

His comment: 「少しでも水戸ホーリーホックの戦力になりたい。全力でプレーしてホーリーホックの為になれるようがんばります!!」 ("Even if just a little bit, I want to be Mito's fighting spirit. I will play with all my strength to meet the needs of the HollyHock!!")

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