21 July 2008

Mito 0 - 2 Kofu

Mito fought a good game yesterday but lacked the finishing touches needed to extend the win streak. Kofu didn't play harder, but did play smarter. Newly implanted by the JFA, striker Kobayashi made his debut and showed why he is being groomed for something big... He's an incredible talent with great speed with or without the ball and impressive ball stripping skills for a forward. He had one great heading shot that should have meant the tying goal but Kofu's keeper made an incredible save. But he also had one open shot that a more experienced player would have taken and not let the keeper dive to block.

Mito's next game is Saturday vs. Fukuoka at Kasamatsu. A win will be vital to reman in striking range of the middle of the table and a loss will create a risk of languishing among the teams on the bottom.

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richy said...

Yep, Kobayashi showed that he has plenty of potential I thought.

Can't keep my eyes off the J2 this year (J1 too! JFL too!). Must be something in the water! Virtually every team still has a chance of making the jump to promotion at the moment. Not saying that it would be easy, but this year, you never know!