24 June 2007

Mito 0 (+1) - Kyoto 3 (-1)

In a torrential downpour, Mito played at Kyoto in an attempt to make the team's first 3 game win streak in 4 years. If the opposing side were Tokushima or Kusatsu, the chance would have seemed fairly good, but Kyoto has been in a good groove lately, having beaten 2nd place Sendai 5-1 the week before.

Mito played solidly throughout the game and continued the solid linking and pressing that has raised Mito's quality of play. Kyoto played erratically, with serious stumbles (including an own goal) along with flashes of brilliance.

Kyoto stalwart Paulinho is now one goal away from being in 1st place in J2 scored goals this year. If it weren't for defender Kazuhiro Suzuki, though, he would already be there. On 3 occasions he single-handedly outran or tackled away his fast breaks to prevent probable goals. Taking nothing away from goalkeeper Takeda, although he didn't pull out any breathtaking saves as in the last two games.

The next game is against Sendai at home. There will almost certainly be more fans for the away team than home at this nighter, but fans there will still hope that the new style of play can help Mito beat Sendai for the first time... ever.

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