25 June 2007

Dong-Chan Kim Retires

Dong-Chan Kim, who has been with Mito since last season, announced that he is leaving the club to return to Korea.

He had appeared in one league match, unable to score any goals.

His final message:
今までありがとうございました。水戸で活躍する姿を見せたかったけれど、一身上の都合により帰国する事になりました。期待に応えられず残念です。これからは、僕に向けてくれた応援を他の選手に向けてあげて下さい。 ("Thank you for everything until now. I wanted to show what I could do through Mito, but as I am in less than peak condition it was decided that I will return to Korea. I regret not living up to my expectations. From now, I ask that the support you gave to me be given to the other players.")

Kim was a nice guy and a good player, and I enjoyed talking with him when I had the chance. It's sad to see him go, but it will open up a spot for a foreign player to join the squad, likely Igor or Gadu.


SMB said...

you just signed Biju


Vendo Thefastlane said...

WOW! That's a coup, I was sure it would be an amateur...

It was just posted on the site so it's gotta be the case! Maybe the crowd can average ABOVE 2000 from now on!