31 August 2009

Mito 4 - 2 Okayama

It was a much hairier game than expected last night as Mito would twice have to come from behind. A great second half saw forward Takasaki's first professional hat trick to secure the win and keep Mito within striking distance of the top spots. Defender and captain Owada had a great goal to tie it up initially but it was overshadowed by Mito's 4th ever hat trick... and the 3rd this year, following Arata (also against Okayama) and Endo (in the 5-0 win against Fukuoka).

I couldn't see much of the game due to stadium responsibilities and taking part in a segment promoting the stadium staff, which aired during the SkyPerfecTV broadcast in halftime. That was the first time I could be seen in a recognizable capacity.

Here is a bonus picture of Holly-kun looking much thinner in the costume changing room.

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