31 August 2009

Catching Up With a Few in Iwaki

On Saturday I drove to Fukushima's southernmost city for the semi-finals of that prefecture's Emperor's Cup representative tournament. I went to meet with Koji Fukasawa as well as to see former Mito players now with Fukushima United FC. Naoya Ohashi, former youth player who became a reserve, was in the stands watching. Yu Tokisaki was coaching on the sideline and Ki-Su Kim would end up playing off the bench. He came on after a very gruesome injury to another player, where the ankle bone was unnaturally visible through the skin. Kim would then be substituted before the end of the first half.

Fukushima United defeated their opponents, Fukushima University, allowing only a single dodgy PK to make the final score 4-1. They were much more efficient in yesterday's match, beating local fan favorites Bandits Iwaki by a score of 10-0. They play Shobi University in the first round of the Cup itself.

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