22 June 2009

Mito 2 - 1 Kusatsu

After taking only one goal in four winless matches, the team is on better footing after the first win since the last North Kanto Derby game against Tochigi.

Mito scored early on with a great play by new goal co-leader Takasaki. Just past the center line, he noticed Kusatsu's keeper poking out further than he should, and let a fast lob fly over his head and into the net. This was his ninth goal of the season but was actually his first scored at home. Yoshihara Kota would get his third for the year after the Kusatsu keeper cleared it right to him. He shot it past two defenders to put Mito up by two.

Kusatsu would score one just before the break thanks to a bobble in front of the goal, but Mito's defense shut down any further chances for the rest of the match. While not converting, the majority of the dangerous chances in the second half came from the home side and the evenly divided stadium's oohs and ahs came mostly from the north half.

The win brings Mito back up to the top third of the table and can take 5th next round with a win. Just as importantly, if both Mito and Kusatsu can defeat their next matches against Tochigi, Mito will be a point away from securing the Kita Kanto trophy. It's an actual trophy! I touched it!

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