17 June 2009

Matches for Free in June, Cheaply for 2009

Mito's next home game on Sunday against Thespa Kusatsu will provide free admission to residents of Hitachinaka City. Showing an official ID will grant free entry into the backstand area.

One week later, the home game against Cerezo Osaka will provide the same for Mito City residents.

Those expecting to be attending at least 7 of the remaining home games in 2009 should purchase a half season ticket which will be available from the next match. For as little as 10000 yen, you can attend each match and be enrolled in the supporters program for gifts and discounts. The first 50 to sign up will receive a Holly-kun stuffed mascot doll.


richy said...

They really do try in Mito don't they?!

Hope you start getting the supporters you deserve soon!

Anonymous said...

Does Naka and Tomobe count?

Anonymous said...

or how about Tokai?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Naka and Kasama (including Tomobe) cities have their own citizen days for free entry once a year.

I believe both Naka and Kasama still have their days coming up this year. Other options include getting free tickets from sponsors with sponsored games. The next will be on the 28th at Kasamatsu; tickets can be obtained by visiting any マイルーム館 in Mito or any suburb.

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Tokai also has a free admission day. Naka's has already been announced as the next home game vs. Tochigi, while all other remaining games will be announced about a month or so before the match.