21 April 2009

Mito 0 - 1 Yokohama

Mito lost in the last minute to Yokohama in a reversal of the reeling feeling of winning last minute against Toyama and a return to the disappointment of the last minute draw against Gifu.

Nothing much to say other than that both teams fought hard the whole time. I guess Mito's 7 game streak of no losses and Yokohama's winless streak of 8 had to cancel each other out.

Mito remains in 4th place with teams below chomping up and the reach for promotion a little bit further. A loss against Okayama on Sunday would mean the start of a need to fight back up, but a big win could pull Mito back into 3rd.

1 comment:

richy said...

I think Mitos a bit unlucky that they struck Yokohama at a time where Yokohama surely had to get a win after losing 8.
Now you get to face Okayama who have looked good enough to at least have one win on them, and surely its only a matter of time before they get that first win!
Have a good battle in the weekend. If Mito plays to their potential then they should have enough to get through this one.