25 April 2009

A clue to tomorrow's game?

I just drove by the cheapest hotel in town, and saw Fagiano Okayama flags flying there. Surely the players stay there tonight, as I did at one point in the past. It's good for what it is, but rooms are cramped, beds are hard, and even double rooms have no private bathroom as all must use the public bath at a reserved, limited time. Nearby only a convenience store and fast food are able to be eaten. Plus, it's still a 30-45 minute bus ride to the stadium.

I expect the Okayama players to be less rested and more annoyed than other away teams that arrive the night before. Okayama forward Nishino, their most prolific scorer and only dangerous player, played for Mito the past 3 years. He would probably be meeting people and visiting places in his short time back and for that reason as well Okayama may be weaker than usual.

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