01 December 2008

Player Transfers Between the Seasons

It's about that time when the comings and goings regarding the transition between seasons takes place. At this moment there are confirmations of five players who will not join the 2009 squad and three new players (all college students at the moment) have signed to join.

It's hard to guess who else might not stay, but of course the club and fans hope that forward Arata will above any other. He already had his contract rate upgraded well before the required time, and surely the club will do all in its limited means to keep him.

Any new player will likely not be a household name. The team had reasonable success with newly graduated college students this year and will likely continue to pursue that avenue.

Also, Defender Kuramoto who has suffered injury through much of the season is rumored to return to Oita Trinita following this year's rental. Nothing similar has been making the rounds about fellow Oita rental, forward Nishino.

A list will be continuously updated on the right menu through the end of the transfer period in 2009.

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