01 December 2008

Mito 2 - 3 Yokohama

While a loss of similar margins to last week's Kofu tragedy, This match had much less tension as Yokohama FC led for most of the game, with brief equality when forward Nishino took a goal soon into the second half. However, after some less than inspiring play, Mito's 2006 star striker Anderson put the game out of reach in injury time to make it 3-1. Forward Arata converted a spot kick for the consolation point and he now remains in 5th place in J2 scoring for the year. A good outing on Saturday could make him tied for 2nd or 3rd.

All in all a poor outing. The midfielders and forwards did well enough but the defense and goalkeeper Honma had an uncommon off day, with Honma being directly responsible for the second Yokohama goal.

After the game, there was a short ceremony to mark the end of the year. Notably captain Hiramatsu became overcome with emotion and cried openly for nearly a minute, unable to speak. For a player usually more interested in making corny jokes and showing off his abs, it was a surprising sight, and most supporters were a bit stunned.

The last game of the season is away on Saturday against Montedio Yamagata. I'm making the journey, partly to see the home celebrations for that team's promotion to J1. Should goalkeeper Honma make it and appear as he should, he would become the only player in the league to appear in every minute of every game this year. Even for a keeper, to keep from being injured, to remain preferred over the other keepers, and to not accrue yellow cards for suspension over 42 games is admirable.

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Ruda said...

I remember goalkeeper Homma since 2000. Their skills are not the same like those years but He still gaining in experience. He's a live legend from Mito's team. I hope He has some more years ahead in good shape.

Greets from Northern Mexique.
See you Vendo.