12 October 2008

Emperor's Cup Update from the Airport

I just arrived back in Japan after a 3-day business trip in LA, and am using the portable modem to check the Emperor's Cup results. Hopefully Ican post this before the shuttle arrives at the parking lot to pick up my car.

The results are doubly pleasing for myself. Mito defeated Fukuoka away in extra time with midfielder Muramatsu taking the only goal of the game minutes before a PK shootout would be necessary. Mito will face Kyoto in the next round.

My 2nd team, Tochigi SC, defeated J2 side Kumamoto at home 1-1 after winning the shootout.

The only other result that could be surprising is Kokushikan University defeating Tokushima, but one of the best college teams should be able to defeat that team most of the time. Unless Shonan drops the ball tonight, it looks like there will be no real upsets in the tournament until the next round.

And I'm about to get my car key just in time. Looking forward to the next round!

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

And Shonan dropped the ball.

Looks like a mid-table Hokushinetsu league team has a chance for the big time.