22 June 2008

Mito 1 - 2 Hiroshima

While not as impressive as in their first meeting this year, Mito showed resilience against the divisions's strongest team (who at halfway through the year are 7 full points ahead of second place Osaka).

A scoreless first half saw Hiroshima strong yet unable to finalize, while more aggresive tactics on both sides brought goals in the second. Unfortunately for Mito, the set play goal scored by defender Nakamura started the rally too late to get the chance to draw.

Mito still lies in 13th but a win at Yokohama on Wednesday could push Mito past Ehime and Fukuoka. I'm going to try to make it to that game.

One bright point is that the visitor gate for this match wasn't so bad. More people came to watch this than the matches in Kusatsu, Tokushima, or Kumamoto.

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richy said...

You may have lost mate, but wasn't it great to see the stadium with a few people in it!
Good to see.