16 June 2008

Mito 0 - 2 Ehime

An exhausted Mito was outplayed by Ehime yesterday. The team made few mistakes but lacked the fire that pushed it to threestraight wins. A well rested Ehime was far more able to deal with the wet conditions and create scoring chances.

The teams would play equally well in the scoreless first half, with Mito taking the more polished shots while Ehime created several excrutiating situations invlolving loose balls in front of the goal. The second half saw some slower play and Ehime took advantage of its two good chances in the half.

Up next for Mito on Saturday is this year's powerhouse Hiroshima, who Mito came as close as humanly possible to beating in the first match this year. Despite yesterday's trouble, it will this time be Hiroshima's turn to take the long road trip to Ibaraki and face a rested Mito squad. Cerezo Osaka had its 7-game win streak broken by Mito not too long ago, and it could happen again with Hiroshima. I know every other team near the top of the table now is pulling for a Mito victory.

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