06 May 2008


Things were very hectic recently as I've been away on business most of the time, but a lot of newsworthy events have occured.

-One of the main figures involved with creating the team passed away.
-The company president resigned, and there isn't a replacement yet.
-The financial reports came out in the last year, and the team ended up with a profit of about $300,000 for the year. (Going into debt to pick up new talent able to succeed might be nice, but until the fan support is there it isn't a good idea...)
-Mito has given up three goals in each of the last three matches, but with worse results in each in succession.

-Gifu match: despite being a holiday, being on a weekday, there were very few stadium workers and I couldn't watch the match. (With this experience I decided to not work today's Shonan match and will join the supporters like in the old days.) The different sized cheers told the story though and the very end of the game sounded quite disappointing to Mito fans. I could catch Arata's goal on the after game show, though, and he is very skilled at beating defenders and keepers.
-Tosu match: I caught this one on TV and Mito's play was very poor. After defender Nakamura was sent off with two fairly created yellow cards, the team had difficulty interacting. Biju was out for the second straight game and Arata was on the bench. Perhaps it was to create some rest for players heavily travelling and having a stream of matches, as that's what I'm told slowed down the Gifu game, but finding the right balance seems difficult.

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