06 May 2008

Mito 0 - 2 Shonan

Mito played pretty well this game, back to the level of three games ago or so, but unable to finalize the goals means another multiple point loss. Keeper Honma had some great saves and two shots hit the post, but that isn't enough to win games.

Defender Owada received two yellows to make it the second game in a row that a Mito player was sent off with a red card, and the third time this season.

Late in the game Tokyo Verdy rental Kento Tsurumaki entered the game for his J2 league game debut. Unfortunately he failed to impress and bobbled the ball in the couple of vital times he touched it.

After the game, many supporters started yelling at the team as it came around, so manager Kiyama and head coach Kizawa stayed to answer questions and calm fears.

Particularly disappointing is the result of other matches in the division. Mito was just barely hanging onto the last position before the match, but with wins from other teams near the bottom of the standings, Mito is more than a full win out of the rest of the field. Despite incredible improvements in the squad and level of play the spectre of last year's year of languish remains.

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richy said...

ride it through the good times, ride it through the bad times...

I think that Mito just needs that one win to get its confidence back.
Hopefully for you guys, it's sooner rather than later...