22 May 2008

Mito 1 -2 Kusatsu

Although I am stuck out on business and couldn't attend or even see the match, the reports read as truly heartbreaking, again, as for yet another game in the season points were lost as a result of the last play of the game.

The game went, as usual, into the half tied up, with one goal each. Mito's came as a result of the own goal.

Mito newcomer Chu-Ho Park drew a yellow card in the closing moments of the game, but I don't know yet if it had an affect on the Kusatsu goal to be taken shortly afterward. If anything else of note happened during the game, I will make note after seeing the replay.

The first cycle in the trimester season has ended with Mito in familiar territory... at the bottom. The team has an identical record and goal situation to second to last placed Fukuoka, although with a win and a draw switched, and remains two points behind that team in the standings as well as Kumamoto and Ehime. Mito has the first bye of the next section and will not play on Sunday, so Mito must wait for the results on Sunday to know if escape from the bottom will be possible with a win over Tokushima on the 31st.

1 comment:

richy said...

From what I saw Mito played pretty well on wednesday.
I don't think that the yellow card effected the final goal...

But on the other side of the coin, it was pretty amazing to see the emotion in the Thespa players and fans as they finally got their first two wins in a row in four years!
That's a pretty crazy statistic. I didn't even know that that "jinx" exsisted for them!

I'm sure Mito struck two wins in a row many years back, no??