19 May 2008

Mito 1 - 0 Ehime

Mito broke the losing streak with a slim yet easy win at home against Ehime.

Like the last time I worked at the stadium, there was a need for a lot of assistance and I could only watch about half the game in shifts. Unlike the Gifu game however I was able to see some higher quality play. Particularly, the debut of Chu-Ho Park was impressive. He showed a bit of rust, but that seems to be covering flashes of brilliance. An example is his trapping skills; on one occasion, instead of using his chest as most players he deftly tapped it with his foot into an open space, where he could chase it down and run with it.
Mito's goal was taken by defender Hiramatsu, his first goal in three years of play, and with the great play he put up in the clean sheet result, he looks to be a good candidate for player of the round.

This is the team's second win this season, and it's unfortunate that they both came in front of small home crowds. The win brings them in striking range at the middle of the pack, and the next two games against Kusatsu and Tokushima look like they could come out very positively.

Despite the small crowd, there was a large amount of money raised via donation to assist with the help following the recent natural disasters in Asia. This match as well as the next home match will allow those making donations of any amount to enter the goal section of the stands at the price of the donation only.


richy said...

Congrats on a good win mate. You must be chuffed to finally get on the board again and also hold Ehime to no goals. Good stuff.
With that win Mito are about one win away from being in the thick of it again, well for the bottom lot of teams anyway!
Good stuff though. Keep it up!

dokool said...

That's cool to hear about a team doing a donation thing, and definitely good to hear that y'all are a win away from being in contention for a good ranking. Seems like both J1 and J2 are pretty compressed so far this year in terms of the standings.