13 March 2008

Training Match: Mito 1 - 0 Heisei International University

Mito had a standard length training match at Twin Field yesterday against Heisei International University.

Mito won the match with the lone goal taken by Kento Tsurumaki.


Aaron said...

Hi Vendo. I watched your game with Avispa on the TV yesterday and was quite surprised with all the play acting your goalkeeper did.

Is he always like that?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Actually I've talked to him about that before, after a game where I thought he'd hurt himself badly. It's a combination of a few things. First of all, he's not quite so young anymore, and he says impacts hurt more than 5 or 10 years ago. Secondly, due to an injury he once suffered, he's paranoid about landing hard on his limbs, and tries to take the brunt of the force of a fall instead of softening it with his arms or legs.

Lastly, of course, just like pretty much every player, he takes the chance in playing up any injuries he may have in hopes of leniency from the official.

I haven't talked to him about Sunday's match specifically, but generally, he will engage in play acting. This usually comes from some kind of pain that he feels more strongly than most players, though, and he generally won't do it unless does feel a pretty significant amount of it.

He is one of the league's most veteran players... I'm sure he knows how far to appropriately go with it.