10 March 2008

Mexican Practice Player

Upon request, I mention that Mexican player Oscar Uriel Martinez is practicing with the squad. I first learned this when I accidentally received his details from his agent (which had been sent to mito-hollyhock.com instead of the official mito-hollyhock.net), but I didnt know if that was supposed to be public. He's been practicing for the last month but hasn't been signed.

I took this picture from another blog. I have taken some but they are not close up.

A special greeting to my Mexican readers. I have been contacted by two of you regarding Martinez and would be happy to find out anything more. I cannot speak Spanish, but if you have any messages for him, you can mail them to me and I can print them out to hand him after a practice.


Endo said...

I'm also excited because its our season-opener. You did well against Cerezo and i hope you will do all the season. This year the team got the potencial to finish top 10 or maybe more :)

Tomoki said...

Wat is the players history? Did he play in Mexico before or has he been in japan for a while?