11 February 2008

Talk Show at K's Electronics

Yesterday, I visited the event and talk show format interview at the home store of K's Electronics (major team sponsor) in Mito. Soon after purchasing my ticket to the upcoming Mito/Kashima preseason match, singer-songwriter Eco performed a live version of team song 走れ☆ホーリーホック! for the hundred or so in the store atrium. Then, the interviewers and 3 players entered the stage. First was Mitsuru Mansho, followed by Urawa import Takafumi Akahoshi, and finally defender Daishi Hiramatsu who will be the new team captain after Yoshimoto's trade to Yokohama FC.

The questions were just meant for entertainment value and no real substance was expected. When asked his impression of Mito, Mansho replied that he thought the high school girls wear their skirts shorter here than anywhere else. Akahoshi found the city very easy to live in, and Hiramatsu said that over the past few years he learned that Mito is the easiest place to take someone on a good date. The only negative answer of any type came from Akahoshi, who complained that the training camp (being held from today) is in Shizuoka, only minutes from the place he grew up.

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Furtho said...

Fantastic description of the event, Vendo. Sounds hilarious.