09 February 2008

Mito Leads in 2007 Statistics

J-Stats Opta has released yearly statistics on many areas, not only the wins, losses, and goals that most people follow. Two Mito players in particular showed the talents that set them apart for those who followed the division last year.

Midfielder (and sometimes defender) Hiromasa Kanazawa led the league in crosses in the year. He had 229, 20 more than Fukuoka's Tanaka.

Midfielder Shohei Ogura led the league in tackles with 171, 12 more than Harabe of Tokyo. He also was number 2 in the league in intercepts with 69, just short of Yamagata's Leonardo. Marinos fans who wonder why Yokohama bought out the contract of a career-long Mito player should take note.

Also worth mention in the statistics is the split between the two halves of the season. The first half saw the team quickly slide to nearly the bottom in many categories as injuries plagued the roster. However, there was great improvement from the time Biju joined the team and other players returned from injury. For example, Mito was worst of 13 teams in allowing goals in the first half of the season, but was #4 in preventing goals in the second half. Mito's opponents had the most success in scoring goals (meaning Mito was worst in blocking shots or forcing poor shots). In the second half of the season, Mito was #2 in the league in the ratio of prevented goals. Mito also went from twelfth to first in tackle effectiveness, and from tenth to second in interceptions.

It's unfortunate that the team had dug such a very deep hole in the first half of the season as defensively Mito was among the best in the league in the second half, with some improved offense as well.


richy said...

Youre right there mate. Mito played really well during the second half of the season last year and picked up a few great results.
Being an FC Gifu fan I know that it is games against teams like Mito that are being targeted as "winable" games but if Mito continue with their momentum from the end of 2007 then I think that this will be no easy feat!
Good luck this year!

MOIST said...

After seeing Shohei at the launch of the new kit I am very happy we signed him. He seems absolutely mad and full of enthusiasm which is great for the dressing room. I was sad to see Nasu leave but I think we've got a more than adequate replacement in this young lad.