12 January 2008

Transfers From Mito to Below

Recently released defender Shinya Hatta and forward Yuuya Iwadate have both been taken on by Shikoku league side Kamatamare Sanuki. This team is somewhat famous in Japan due to its appearance in the cult film "Udon".

Mito youth team member Sho Yanagisawa actually ended up a bit higher in the pecking order, being signed by JFL team Yokogawa Musashino. He and Ishikawa, who was called up to Mito's top team, formed a great two person crew in an otherwise unfortunate youth season.

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

Little update: Checking that club's homepage, it seems that Kamatamare is spending a lot of money to bring in many J. League players in order to reach J2 within 2 years. Their hiring by Sanuki shouldn't be seen as a knock on their talent.