09 January 2008

New Year's Transfer News

After a quick trip to the US and catching up with the work needed to be done at the office, it's time time make a quick list of the changes made to Mito's top team since Kanazawa's new signing last month. Not much time to write up details, but this brings everything up to date since the last post:

-Defender Kuramoto and forward Nishino have had their rentals from Oita Trinita extended for another year.
-Forward Tomoyuki Arata joins the club fresh out of college.
-Defender Suzuki has been given a contract renewal.
-Midfielder Takuro Oka joins the club fresh out of college.
-Midfielder Takafumi Akahoshi joins Mito on loan from Urawa Reds.

-Defender Yoshimoto goes back to Yokohama FC, returning to the team that rented him from Nagoya before his five years in Mito. He was fairly emotional about leaving and seemed sad to go, asking Mito supporters to remember and think of him during future games against Yokohama.

Defensive midfielder and Olympic team hopeful Ogura is rumored to be rented out to a J1 side for 2008. While the fee for his rental would be substantial and the experience he would gain would prove helpful upon returning, his loss in 2008 would be difficult to replace. If Hiralio can be expected to be the new Tulio for Mito, though, it would not be nearly as bad. This would mark the first time a Mito player to be rented to a team in a higher division, and is a rare event in Japanese soccer.


Furtho said...

Iwadate and Hatta have both ended up at Kamatamare Sanuki in the Shikoku League, by the way.

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Yeah, I had seen that. While unfortunate to see all the players go, those who should move to a higher division are doing so, and the same with those going below. I'd say Iwadate should be in JFL and Yoshimoto should be in J1, but otherwise all the moves seem understandable.