04 November 2007

Mito Youth 1 - 3 Omiya Youth

Mito's high school age team played against Omiya Ardija's team yesterday, losing 1 - 3. Unfortunately, this is as well as the team has played in the Sahara Cup, as the only match as close in Mito's collection of losses was the match played at Omiya in which the team also lost by two points, 2 - 4.

I took some pictures and video clips, some of which I sent to the webmaster of Go! Go! Omiya Ardija and which may appear on that site. I will also attempt to put clips on YouTube, but it isn't working for me right now.

After the match, I was walking back to my car when I heard something coming from next to the incinerator on the Horihara park grounds. I looked next to it and amongst the bags of cans and stacks of old bicycles was a newborn kitten in a bucket. He was a grey American Shorthair about a week old, and with some kind of sickness causing an infection in the left eye. He'd been abandoned with a can of cat food, probably because the sickness kept him from being able to be sold. I picked him up and held him, but he wouldn't stop crying. I was worried as I wanted to take him home and take care of him but could not... My work schedule is just too hectic and erratic to take care of anything on even a daily basis. I took him to the front office of the Ibaraki Sumo Hall, also on the grounds, and talked with the people on staff there. They took (or rather, struggled to pull off) the kitten from my jacket and prepared a box to keep him. They said they would take care of him until an owner could be found. I am very grateful toward the great people at Horihara sports park, because if it weren't for them I don't know what I could have done other than take the kitten to area animal hospitals until I found one that might take him in themselves.

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