24 October 2007

Mito 1 - 2 Shonan

Mito just played at Hiratsuka, playing fairly evenly with Shonan. All 3 goals came from set plays with many other exciting chances to make a very entertainment game. A hard shot hit the post for each team during the game, and both sides had a great play involving dribbling past multiple defenders.

Mito seemed ready to take the game through the first part of the second half, but Shonan took two quick goals in the middle of the half and held on to the lead.

The gap between rich and poor in the division grows as each team in the top half of the standings played a team in the bottom, and all teams in the top half won. There was still a change in the standings as Sendai had no match, and lost the 3rd place spotto Kyoto. With very few matches left, any team in the top 7 can end up in the top 3 places to be promoted by the end of the season. The team looks fairly likely to rise in the standings and has the mathematical possibility to end as high as 10th as it has in the past two years.

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