21 October 2007

Exhibition Match: Mito 3 -1 Tochigi

It was so unfortunate that I miss this, as I follow Tochigi SC and am heavily supporting their efforts to become the next professional team in Japan.

I cannot find details on this practice match so I will mail my friend who plays on Tochigi SC to try and learn more.


Aaron said...

I thought Ibaraki was quite a trek from Tochigi?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Nope! It's bordering. I can drive to Tochigi Green Stadium in Utsunomiya fairly quickly. I thought of going to today's match but jet lag made that decision for me.

It's 20 minutes to Kasamatsu from home, and about an hour to Kashima. Tochigi Green is actually about that if I can hit very good traffic conditions.