26 September 2007

Mito 2 - 3 Fukuoka

Mito just played Fukuoka "home" at Nagasaki, and it doesn't get much closer.

Mito struck first with an absolutely amazing header by Shiozawa from a Shingyoji cross, almost exactly as they had done at the FC Tokyo exhibition match last week. Mito buckled down and held that lead through the first half.

At 59 minutes, Fukuoka scored. Then again less than a minute later. And again in a couple more. Then, Mito midfielder Nakamura in his second start scored his first J. League goal, after being fed by Mori, also in his second start.

4 goals in five minutes made for a great goal rush, but it was that last Mito goal that continued the momentum. Mito had several more good chances, including two close shots in the last minute and a heart wrenching header in the last few moments that soared just above the goal.

This result means that Tokushima's tie brings Mito to 8 points deep in last place, and combined with the other results tonight, the race to division one has become much more exciting than the race to not fall to division 2 in the J. League.


-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

Hi there! I like your blog :)
Seems Mito will end up dead-last this season, but they haven't really been that bad at times.
You got some very interesting players like Honma,Ogura and Biju, and with a little more structure( and perhaps a better trainer), plus not so many injured players, I think you will do better next season.

Mito's building a new stadium and all, which is very positive. What are ur prospects for next season? U should at least beat teams like Thespa and Ehime!

I've been following ur blog all season, and its' very nice to read ur match reports. Im a Cerezo fan myself, and keep a Cerezo / J2 blog www.cerezo-osaka.blogspot.com

anyway, yoroshiku!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Thanks for the kind words, although I'd like to think Mito has shown the ability to challenge any team in J2 on the right day, be it Sapporo, Fukuoka, or Cerezo. :)

Please keep in touch with your thoughts, and I will add a link to your blog. Thanks again.