11 August 2007

Today's Practice

I went to today's practice session, and the team seems ready. Today, an hour long scrimmage was held, and again I must mentioned how impressed I am with goalkeeper Honma. He stopped some tough shots and his effort was truly natural and unlabored. After the match I saw that he drives a nicer car than anyone else on the team, even coach Maeda... With his tattoos and Toyota Crown, perhaps his side job is one of great interest...

After the match I asked Biju to sign my team ball to make 2007 complete. As I talked with him he seemed in very good spirits, and barely tired after a hard practice. Look for him to play very well tomorrow. Although with many Mito players cursed to be injured after making a difference, he may play well until having his chestplate broken or something similarly horrific.

I just bought my ticket for tomorrow and am greatly looking forward to it. Other than the commute... If Tokyo were a bit more car-friendly I'd be much happier.


Furtho said...

Do all the (Japanese) Mito players have other jobs, Vendo?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Not all, I think. Just like all J. League teams, a certain number of players must receive a certain salary which is much greater than ample, and housing is provided. However, with so much time available, most do choose to work elsewhere. Many work at the team's office itself, and others do simple work at a few of the trendy cafes that sponsor the team.