10 August 2007

Looking Toward Sunday's Match

In two days, Mito travels to Tokyo to play against Tokyo Verdy 1969. Looking at the rankings, one would dismiss Mito's chances, but looking at the history of the two teams, one sees the biggest point gap ratio in J2 history. In the three games played between the two in Tokyo, Mito has won each game with an aggregate score of 10-3, and deservingly so, truly outclassing Tokyo in each contest.

However, perhaps one must take into account the stadium factor. Mito's big wins came at Tokyo's National Olympic Stadium, while the first win by a single goal occured at Ajinomoto Stadium. Perhaps the much, much smaller Nishigaoka Stadium where Sunday's match will be played holds some sort of key for Tokyo.

Both teams have been playing better recently than at the time of their first meeting, so it's hard to make a prediction. All I know is that I'll be part of a large Mito contingent at the away game hoping to see history repeating.

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