19 June 2007

Clarification on Forward Looking Statement

Before the match, a difficult-to-hear brief statement was made was mentioned in the last post. After the match, the new president's message was clarified for the fans.

Especially of note, the goals for the next five years:

2007: 10th place or higher, average attendance: 3000, fan club members: 3000, income: 350,000,000 yen

2008: top 2/3 of the league, average attendance: 4000, fan club members: 3500, income: 370,000,000 yen

2009: top 1/2 of the league, average attendance: 6500, fan club members: 4500, income: 420,000,000 yen, new Mito home stadium

2010: top 1/3 of the league, average attendance: 8000, fan club members: 6500, income: 480,000,000

2011: 1st or 2nd place (J1 promotion), average attendance: 10,000, fan club members: 10,000, income: 550,000,000 yen

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