15 May 2007

Exhibition Match: Mito 0 - 2 FC Tokyo

I drove in to Edogawa on Sunday to see the B teams of Mito and FC Tokyo match up for the first time this season.

Keepers Takeda and Harada both took the goal for a half each, and each let in a point. Still, both sides showed about the same skill and the same style of play as one would expect from less experienced players: lots of offensive and defensive action when the time came, with lots of sloppy transition and mistakes in the fundamentals compared to the starting members.

Midfielder Ohashi played very well, though, and defender Shino (who I thought was brought in only to be a Portuguese translator) showed some brilliant flashes. Midfielder Mori was sloppier than expected though. Edinaldo showed why he remains on the bench, though, as he almost made a bad pass for each fancy dribble and trap he pulled off.

Another B team game coming up for me personally. With Mito in the great white north and me with work in Ibaraki, I will go into Tsukuba for Mexican food and to see Tsukuba University play Tochigi SC's B team. Should Tochigi make it into the J. League, there will likely be many players taking the field who would face Mito next season. I'd like to see what they have in them.

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