03 April 2007

Mito HollyHock Theme Now Available as a Ringtone

Popular J-Pop song written as the theme for Mito HollyHock, "Hashire☆HollyHock!", is now available for download as a cell phone ringer.

There are two different ways to access and purchase the tone.

By cell phone menu:
≪EZweb≫ EZトップメニュー > カテゴリで探す > 着うた > J-POP
≪i-mode≫ iMenu > メニュー/検索 > 着うた/着モーション > J-POP
≪Yahoo!ケータイ≫ メニューリスト > 着うた・ビデオ・メロディ > 着うた > J-POP・インディーズ             


I urge all soccer fans to acquire and use this unique ringtone if possible! I use Willcom, myself, and thus am unable to do so...

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