02 April 2007

Mito 0 - 0 Tokushima

Mito takes its second point in the standings from its second scoreless draw yesterday.

Reports show Mito played well, and coach Maeda said the strategy of holding Tokushima scoreless and then trying to take the lead in the second half worked well. Obviously the attempts to take a point were not successful, though.

Mito's next four games are against teams traditionally strong in J2. If Mito cannot win any of those games, the chance to rise to J1 will fall to realistic impossibility, and Mito will likely stay on the bottom of the rankings. A win against Kyoto this week would be huge.


Furtho said...

Well, I wish we had - sigh - a single point, never mind wallowing in the glory of having two...

Again I was interested by your comment on the fanbase. Are you aware of any other foreign supporters of J2 teams (for example, in the visiting fans' section... or even at Mito)?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Hey, theoretically Omiya can rise 4 spots of so with just one win, though, right? Can't say the same for Mito. :)

I know of no other foreign supporters, although I am sure there have to be some? Sometimes I see this one white guy at HollyHock games but he is always with his host family or girlfriend and it is only on free game days.