23 March 2007

New Bus Fare Available

This year, a new price scheme involving bus rides for home soccer games has been devised. Transporatation to and from Mito Station and Kasamatsu Stadium is 1200 yen round trip. Between Tokai Station and Kasamatsu Stadium, the round trip ticket is 500 yen. Children's tickets are half price.


SMB said...

Hey, cool another site about a J league squad. I'll link you to my Verdy page.

What got you interested in Mito in the first place?

Steve-Soilent Green 1969


Vendo Thefastlane said...

Well, I moved to Ibaraki three years ago and love it here. As I have risen in the company, I have realized that I will probably live here for life. Thus, all things Mito are big with me, and when I have free time there is nothing I like more than to drive around the area and explore every single spot.

Naturally, once I heard that Mito had a J. League team last year (EVERYONE, even in Mito, seems to support Kashima), I had to see. The first match was against Sendai in the cheap seats, but it was so fun that I joined the fan club on the spot. With the fan club came a free premium seat, and from that best seat in the house I saw the best match of any sport of all time, being Mito's 3-2 win over Shonan. I had never even watched a soccer match in my life even two weeks earlier, but this experience made me a huge fan of the sport.

When it came time for the 2007 season, I bought my season ticket and signed up to be a volunteer. I get such satisfaction and comradery being around the same core group of fans, whether it is in the cheering section or cleaning up the locker rooms after a match, I feel like I am a part of something that brings joy to others. I started this blog to hopefully introduce this same joy to those unable to understand Japanese or would otherwise not know about the team, as I had not known.

I hope you will make the trip to away games against Mito! I plan to be at Mito's matches at Ajinomoto if my company doesn't keep me tied up.

SMB said...

Allright, sounds great on the link exchange......I wrote up an introduction of you here


I'll put your permanent link up this week!


SMB said...

I'll try to get up to one........Mito is one of the 3 J League teams (Shimizu and Oita) I've never seen play live. Shimizu is next week for me.

Actually I'm an Omiya fan as well first and foremost.....My friend Furtho at Go!Go!Omiya Ardija had that team cornered so I picked my second favorite to write a blog about. I'm hoping to find English blogs for all 31 teams....Right now I'm at 9. Like my friend OF said, I empathize with being the second team in a 1 team prefecture.