28 September 2012

Mito Not Permitted to Promote

The JFA granted licenses for 41 teams today, allowing for play in J. League next year if performing appropriately.

33 teams were given J1 license, meaning any division play is allowed. Mito was one of the few teams  not granted a J1 license but only J2, meaning even if reaching promotion this year, it will not be allowed. Mito's stumbling block is stadium capacity. From this year standing room only areas cannot count toward the required 15000, and K's is less than 11000 in that case. With no other option the club will officially register larger former home stadium Kasamatsu as the home stadium in future years, until K's can be upgraded.

All current clubs in J1 and J2 have a license and one other team was granted a J2 license: JFL powers V-Varen Nagasaki. If they finish with promotion, one J2 team must be relegated to the 3rd division in 2013. Mito is already mathematically cleared of any risk of relegation this season.

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