28 April 2012

Mito 2 - 1 Shonan

Mito handed Shonan Bellmare its first loss this season with a respectable performance.

Both teams made few mistakes, but Mito took advantage of their chances one time more than Shonan. Early in the match Romero Frank scored his first of the year to put the visitors ahead, and just before the half finished Shonan's Kenji Baba evened things up. In the last ten minutes, Mito's Yuki Shimada, who is having a good year so far, chipped in a goal at close range for what would be the winning play of the game.

Shonan is still in first and would have been so no matter the result, but Mito only moves up to 6th as most of the top teams won as well. Mito has 5 wins out of the first 10 matches for the first time. Only one season, 2008, saw more wins than losses, but if staying on track, winning half the games this season would be a huge confidence step and also likely be good enough to secure a playoff spot. The first 10 matches included not just Shonan but also Fukuoka and Yamagata who were playing in J1 last year, and Mito could obtain 5 points in the standings in these matches which is fairly big.

Also with this win, Mito takes the UFJC Title.

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