22 May 2011

Takayuki Suzuki to Mito HollyHock?

Former Japan international star Takayuki Suzuki may have already signed with the club. As a native of nearby Hitachi city (just like keeper Honma and former captain Owada), he may be looking to come home after playing 3 years in the US and wind down his career with the local team.

It should officially be announced today after the Tottori away game, or tomorrow.

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

It seems that he would be available from June. He would be playing not for money (obviously) but had the desire to do something to inspire and bring comfort to people in his hometown area who have been affected by the earthquake, and hearing stories of Mito playing in a stadium half-closed due to earthquake damage. He'd strongly considered retirement until hearing that news.