02 November 2010

Coach Kiyama to Step Down

Mito chose to wait until after the Kashiwa match to announce the departure of Kiyama as the team's leader following the end of the season.

He led Mito to be promotion contenders last year for half the season, and otherwise vastly improved the quality of play. But whether his fault or not, Mito is ready to finish in the lower half of the table as was historically the case.

Coincidentally, Shimizu's manager Kobayashi was also announced as finishing his tenure on the same day. This is likely just a coincidence, though. Kiyama would most likely go on to coach a team in the lower levels, a university squad as he did before, or perhaps even Kobe if they are relegated, as he previously successfully worked as part of that team's coaching staff.

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richy said...

Hey mate,
How ya been???

1) great draw against Kusatsu the other week! Guts!!!
2) congrats for hitting the 10,000 mark against Kashiwa!! And for scoring the first goal with Gaccha! Was great to see.
3) Youve got Group A of the Chieki Finals Tournament being played in Hitachi from 11/21. If you get a chance make sure you go and cheer on little Renolfa Yamaguchi for me!

4) Im heading up to see the Kashiwa Gifu game this weekend but on the way back Im going to cheer on Mito against Yokohama!!
I'm guessing you won't make it out there but if you do, keep a look out.
After a run in with some not so gentleman like yokohama FC fans after our loss last week, I'm 100% behind you guys, and of course... another Gaccha goal!!!