06 September 2010

Mito 4 - 2 Sagawa Shiga

Mito fans were scared to be defeated by yet another non-League team in the Emperor's Cup, falling behind by 2 in the second half to seeded JFL team Sagawa. But after being outmatched due to scouting errors, Mito turned it around well enough and scored 4 to take the win.

Owada '65
Shimada '80
Katayama '83
Hozaki '91 PK

Hozaki was about to score when, lacking any other option, the keeper grabbed his ankle and
pulled him down. He took the resulting PK to guarantee Mito's win.

1 comment:

richy said...

Would have been nice to see Sagawa get a bit of a rest after their friday night game.
Almost all non-J teams failed in the last 20mins, and youd have to say that 2 tough games in three days after the J team got a break is a big ask.

Still, taking no credit away from Mito. Was a good win!