01 June 2010

Mito 1 - 0 Chiba

Mito now has a perfect record against Chiba, having won every match ever played in a league matchup!

Chiba was missing Australia representative Milligan but still had a largely intact lineup of strong players. Chiba Brazilian forward Neto, for example, receives a salary greater than all of Mito's players combined.

Mito outplayed and outshot the visitors to the astonishment of the visiting fans, who almost outnumbered the 3000 or so home fans. It all paid off with Katayama scoring his second of the season off of a quality free kick. Defender Hozaki also had a fantastic match, holding off most of Chiba's offense, and keeper Honma had a great day as well. Before the match I talked with many of the players in the waiting area and they all seemed focused to win against this opponent. Mito fans should hope this focus continues; if Mito can play this way against Chiba, there isn't a team in the division that can't be beaten.

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