18 May 2010

Mito 0 - 1 Kumamoto

Mito played very poorly after the bye round to lose at home to Kumamoto. Honma had some great saves but the forwards were lagging.

Also unfortunately, even after having been featured on NHK and being on a nice Saturday afternoon, the crowd did not break 3000.

The next home match will be in an away atmosphere. JEF United Chiba plays its first match against Mito and will bring enough fans to homejack the stadium. Sponsor JR Railways has actually created a high speed train connecting Mito to a station near Chiba's home ground to run back and forth only for this match.

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f2ff said...

hi! i'll be there for the first time in my life watching another kita-kanto derby match and am looking forward for watching good game and good result though JEF had bad results at away match starting 13:00 this season.